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Toe upon toe, a snowing flesh,
A gold of lemon, root and rind,
She sifts in sunlight down the stairs
With nothing on. Nor on her mind.

We spy beneath the banister
A constant thresh of thigh on thigh-
Her lips imprint the swinging air
That parts to let her parts go by.

One-woman waterall, she wears
Her slow descent like a long cape
And pausing, on the final stair
Collects her motions into shape.

X. J. Kennedy

Although my education is industrial engineering I have for many years been experimenting the art of painting.
I have been so lucky to have some of Iceland's best artists as instructors and leaders and my goal is to get better and better as long as I can.

K. Eldjarn

In essence there are only two ways about making a painting, lay-out a magazine or to do a city planing. One is the constructive way by using rulers and mathematical proportions even sacred, divine proportions. The other way is emotional. It is about trusting the eye. It is about letting go and follow the heart. I f you can't play by heart you cannot play at all. This is good to have in mind when observing the world in K. Eldjárn's paintings. His paintings are expressive and emotional. I can easily imagine my self flying with him. With the eye of the eagle circling around, high above man made landscape of a city plan when looking at his work. The past of the artist is in the background. He is trained as an industrial engineer. You feel it behind the free floating strokes of his brush who wanted to break free and DID IT! He uses imagination which engineers are not really allowed to use. This is what creativity is about and to many people deny themselves to do. Creativity dares the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see and starts to shape new reality.

G. Oddur, head Professor

Iceland Art University.

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